Terms and Conditions

  • Quotes are valid for 30 days. However, Nosh reserves the right to modify or cancel any quote at any time, but will only do so after providing notice to the customer.

  • Payment may be required in full prior to the supply of catering or hire services. However, if Nosh invoices the customer after the catering or hire services have been supplied, the invoice must be paid within 14 days of the date of that invoice, unless otherwise agreed by Nosh. If the invoice is not paid in full within the due date, or a date agreed by Nosh, additional interest of 15% per month for the outstanding debt may be charged by Nosh. If in the event that the collection of an overdue account is outsourced to a third party debt Collection Company, you agree that any fee or commission charged by that company will be added to the customers invoice and will become payable as part of the total outstanding debt.

  • A 40% deposit may be required to confirm your booking. The deposit is non-refundable, unless otherwise agreed at the absolute discretion of Nosh Limited.

  • Cancellation or an amendment to an order must be advised within 5 working days prior to the event. If a notice is not provided within 5 working days, the customer agrees that Nosh may charge the customer up to 40% of the full amount of the original quote. If a notice is not provided within 24 hours, the customer agrees that Nosh may charge the customer up to the full amount of the original quote. Wherever possible, Nosh will endeavour to accommodate late notices without incurring a cost to the customer.

  • The final invoice may not match the quote provided. This is due to some items, such as beverage consumption, hire damage (if any) and final staffing hours that will need to be calculated after your event (this quote is based on an estimate of staff hours – if applicable).

  • Items included as hire equipment or any other plates or dishes used to serve or deliver catering items remains the property of Nosh (referred to as the Equipment). The customer agrees to take proper care of this Equipment and shall indemnify Nosh against any damage, breakage, loss or loss from theft. Nosh is not liable for any loss suffered by the customer or liability incurred by the customer as a result of damage or breakage to the Equipment.

  • If the customer is not present for the return of Equipment to Nosh, they shall not be entitled to dispute the condition and quantity of the returned Equipment. Where the equipment is left at a venue and Nosh collects the Equipment either the next day, or later, the responsibility and liability of damage, breakage or loss remains with the customer.

  • The customer shall not have any right of rejection of the catering supplied. In the event of any dispute, including disputes regarding quality or delivery delay, the customer must accept and pay for the catering and later settle any claim with Nosh.

  • By accepting Nosh’s quote either verbally, or by return email, means you agree to be bound by Nosh’s Terms and Conditions of Trade.