Sustainability - NOSH's Commitment to a Greener Future

NOSH is critically aware of the importance for us to play our part and minimise any negative impact we may cause to our environment. We constantly review our processes and procedures and look for ways to improve our sustainability measures.

Our current measures to reduce our environmental footprint include;

Our catering is delivered on crockery plates and platters which are washed and reused each time. Occasionally we use disposable packaging, but we always ensure it is sourced from recycled and recyclable products.

Food wastage is almost non-existent - our business model ensures that we only make items fresh and made to order. In circumstances where orders cancel at the last minute, food is donated to charitable agencies ( (

Unfortunately our kitchen does use plastic glad-wrap. Without the use of glad-wrap, the “shelf life” of products and ingredients would diminish considerably and transportation of items would be unhygienic.  We are always researching alternative products such as bees-wax wraps, but we have not found anything that meets our requirements.  

Our chefs source as much produce as possible from local suppliers - reducing potential carbon foot print.

We only source FREE RANGE eggs, chicken and pork.

Our delivery vehicles and kitchen equipment are regularly serviced to ensure optimal efficiencies. We are regularly reviewing the availability of electrical delivery vehicles (currently there isn’t a model to meet our needs)

We purchase electricity and gas from suppliers that have a focus on renewable energy.