Should NOSH supply your beverages, or are you better to organise yourself?

When planning an event one of the many things you have to think about is where your sourcing your beverages. It can be a real hassle to organise - so here are the reasons we suggest you organise your beverages through us, your caterer.

The main reason people tend to choose to bring their own beverages is that it is normally perceived to be cheaper. This isn’t always the case so I would definitely recommend doing a bit of research and looking into the options we have to offer before buying your own. Normally the pricing is very similar.

Even if it is a tiny bit more expensive to go through your caterer it might be worth it for you to not have the added stress of thinking what everyone would like to drink and how much quantity you need to order? We understand what wines go with different food, which clients might prefer different types of beer, and through our experience, we know what quantities should be ordered. We often see a lot of clients who organise their own either not having enough or, end up with loads of surplus drinks needing to be taken away at the end of the evening (which can be seen as both a con and a pro!!).

Another stress factor with BYO is that normally you will order a few days before your event, being super organised, which is great, however, do you have the space to keep everything nice and chilled? We would hate to be serving warm beverages to your guests. When clients don’t have the space to chill everything it doesn’t give us enough time to get everything cold enough to serve. When your caterer supplies your beverages we keep it in our big fridges right before we need to transport it to your event. We transport everything in big chilli bins filled with ice and then serve at the perfect temperature.

Something to remember when planning an event, not just with the supplying of the beverages, is that your caterers are here to help and to make your life easier. When your order the beverages through us we do all of the work! We work out how much you need, we do the ordering, we get it to the event, we also take what isn’t used away for you!! All you need to decide is what you would like. We will also be here to give our suggestions if you need them. Super easy!!

I would always suggest looking into the different options and packages a caterer has to offer. The most popular choice of package is “charged on consumption”. This means we will normally order a bit extra of everything as a “just in case”, but after your event we will return everything that is unopened and you will only get charged for what you have drunk. This means you don’t run the risk of under or over ordering. We also offer some awesome beverage packages that are definitely worth looking into as well - these are based on a price per guest, no matter how much is drunk, you just get the fixed price which was agreed before your event.