Planning a corporate event?

There’s no pressure quite like that of planning a work function. Whether organising corporate events is a regular part of your job, or you just got “lucky” this time, it’s nerve-wracking to set up a business party or event under the watchful eye of management and colleagues. Keeping a few basics in mind as you arrange for corporate catering and other details, is crucial.

Set the Tone
Find out what your supervisor hopes to achieve with the event. Sometimes the goal is obvious, as with a laid-back holiday party or a corporate retreat in an outdoorsy setting. But if there will be workshops or other business components to the event, you’ll need something that has both dining and working spaces. Focusing on specifics like a formal vs. casual mood will help as you plan the event and create the invitations.

Consider Venue Options
If your company’s event is going to be offsite, your location choices are probably much larger than you realise. In the Wellington area alone, event venues range from a whimsical outing at the Wellington Zoo to a magical function at Begonia House. Need to keep things a tad more work-focused? A wealth of local hospitality suites and event halls in Wellington deliver both style and substance.

Compare Catering Styles
Corporate events all have specific needs. Yours might require discrete boardroom table dining. Or you may be looking to wow potential clients with a cutting-edge tapas menu that best represents your modern style. >

With so many potential moods that can be evoked through catering style alone, it’s crucial to hire a caterer that specialises in meeting the most specific and exacting needs. Whatever the catering style you’re seeking for corporate events in the Wellington area, NOSH has the expertise to tailor our menu and services to your corporate catering needs.